Tango Dancer Sitting
Mónica Orozco's
​The Art of Tango
Part 1
Dancing the sensuality and soulfulness of
​Buenos Aires, past and present.
Mónica is currently one of the most influential people spreading the Passion for Tango in Los Angeles. She is the creative force behind various recent tango shows and presentations. Her vast experience, deeply rooted in Argentina, has developed into a style that mixes traditional form with the modern jazz influence of Piazzolla. A consummate performer, she has shared her passion and technique in South America, the U.S., in Europe and in Asia.
​The daughter of a classical theatrical actor, her artistic enthusiasm was inherent. She learned Tango as a teenager in the Bohemiam-like social clubs of her hometown. Her formal education began an The School of dance education she studied Tango with the Grande Maestro Raúl Bravo. In 1980 she opened a new venue in the heart of Buenos Aires at the Teatro de la Ciudad Vieja (theatre of the Old City). As artistic director she presented more than 20 productions including Argentine and English classics.

Mónica Orozco

​De Norte a Sur Newspaper
Uruguay / California April 2004

With a style that combines the traditional melodies with the latest modern styles, influenced by Astor Piazolla, this great artist spreads the sensual dance of Tango to every corner of the planet.  With a solid framework, that includes studies in cinematography, ballet, tap and contemporary dance, she studied tango with the most traditional milonga maestros of Buenos Aires.

As teacher and dancer, she has been invited to participate in the Tango Festivals of Italy and France, while preparing works to present in Washington and New York.  Concurrently she finds herself preparing her video of exercises entitled "The Development of Muscles for Dancing Tango".  

This year she was named the Director of the "Hollywood Tango Festival" occurring in October, in conjunction with "The Movie Festival" which was organized by the Argentine Consulate and the City of Los Angeles.   Also, along with the Musical Director of Forever Tango, she is preparing a show with the music of Astor Piazolla, his first tango opera, which will commence in July or August.

Furthermore, currently she can be found working as the choreographer for the program Soulfood on the Fox television channel.​
Con un estilo que conjuga desde las melodías mas tradicionales, hasta las formas mas modernas influenciadas por Astor Piazzolla, esta gran artista, difunde !a sensual danza del Tango en cada rincón del planeta. Con una sólida formación, que incluye estudios de cinematografía, ballet, tap y danza contemporánea, estudió tango con las mas tradicionales maestros milongueros de Buenos Aires.Como maestra y bailarina ha sido invitada a participar en los festivales de tango de Italia y Francia, mientras prepara trabajos para presentar en Washington y New York. Conjuntamente se encuentra preparando su video de ejercicios "Desarrollo de músculos para bailar el tango".

Este año fue nombrada Directora del "Hollywood Tango Festival" a realizarse en Octubre conjuntamente con el "Movie Festival" organizado por el Consulado Argentino y La Ciudad de Los Angeles. También, junto al Director musical de Forever Tango, está preparando un espectáculo con música de Astor Piazzolla, su primer opera tango, que se estrenará en Julio o Agosto.

En estos momentos, además se encuentra trabajando como coreografía en televisión para la cadena Fox en el programa Soulfood.